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A rogue group of time travellers on the run from the year 2036 travel to the past to alter the future from a controlling police state only to discover their leader has dark motives. This is a Bollywood film.

G.O.D.TECH: New World Order

Following the rise of a one-world government and the release of a microchip used to track every person in the world. Are the freedom fighters that are branded as terrorists the only ones capable of stopping this power or is there a greater power at work?

Autumn Manor

A seemingly idealistic lifestyle set in early Victorian times is disrupted when a glider pilot crash lands in a nearby field. Believing he has somehow travelled back in time he tries to rebuild his life but is there more to this than meets the eye?

The Beautiful Truth

A romantic comedy about five guys who decide to put on a beauty pageant to meet women. It doesn't quite go to plan.

Demon Killer

A teenager has a spiritual experience that opens his eyes to see things he cannot explain. He has the ability to see spirits which no one else can see. Seeking guidance from a local vicar he starts a crusade to kill as many demons as he can, but not every spirit is what it seems.

The Prophet

A man wakes up from a ten year coma claiming to have seen a vision of Jesus. He starts healing people and sharing that Jesus gave him these powers in preparation for his return but not all believe in this messiah and some discover the darkness that hides behind this false truth.

Mind Kontrol

A man has a car accident and wakes up from a coma after a week and every time he sees or hears something specific, he blanks off for a few seconds. He finds it’s a visual, a word and a music sound and discovers the reason why everyone has a television in their home.



...and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God... Ephesians 6 v 17


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